Laser Keyboard Projector – Virtual Keyboard

Laser Keyboard

Virtual Laser Keyboard Projectors Check out this wicked virtual Laser keyboard. Project a virtual keyboard and mouse on to any desktop surface and type away as if you was in some Sci-fi movie. This wicked gadget allows you to link via USB or Bluetooth to any Smartphone or Tablet and will project a full qwerty keyboard and charge your mobile devices at the same time. It’s ideal for traveling on the train and sending emails from your phone. Lazer Frickin Beams The Laser Keyboard gives feedback when you type on…

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25 Moog IIIc Synthesizers To Be Made

Moog Remakes Limited Classic Synths Moog announced recently they are remaking one of their classic synthesizer Moog IIIc. This classic modular synthesizer will only be reproduced for a very limited time. Only 25 units are to be made and sold around the world. All units will be created using the same parts where possible and each instrument is hand made. Its been over 50 years since the last Moog IIIc was produced. To find one in decent condition at a reasonable price is rare these days. Each Moog IIIc unit…

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Pioneer DJ Deck Review / Technics Vs Pioneer


Pioneer DJ Turntables Today were looking Turntables. In particular the PLX-500 and the PLX-1000 from Pioneer. Are the Pioneer decks as good as Technics? There is a huge price difference, so how does that effect quality? Before I go any further with this article, I want to say that I personally learned how to mix on Technics 1200s back in the day and I loved them. I honestly regret selling them to a friend for pennies now. Vinyl is making a comeback and many djs are returning back to the…

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Best Android TV Box Of 2017

Android TV

Best Android TV Boxes These days, a lot people are turning to online streaming services to catch up on their favorite TV series or movie’s. So much so, I massive increase of Android TV boxes are being sold online offering you multiple options for streaming content. Some of this content is considered illegal but you can read more about that here. Now, if you are looking at this page, we’re going to assume you already know what Android boxes are, and what people use them, for. If you are not…

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Can Kodi Users Really Face 10 Years In Prison?


Kodi Users Face 10 Years In Prison The open source software is used my thousands of people in the United Kingdom alone to stream movies and TV illegally. But what are the chances of you going to jail for watching the odd movie online? Well, the odds are very slim. What Is Kodi? Kodi is an open source media center software which has many different uses. Originally called XBMC and designed to be an all in one control hub for all your media in your home. It can be installed…

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Best Mobile Phone Available Today

Best Mobile Phone

Best Mobile Phone Available Today Today we’re comparing our 5 best mobile phone available today. Since my contract is up for renewal soon, I thought it would be a god idea to my homework and get the best tech for the best price. The following list will detail the 5 major contenders, including Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC and Huawei, and the pros and cons of each handset. The main focus we will be looking at is the price. We want to compare each handset and see exactly which one give…

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Free Data Roaming For EE Customers

No Data Roaming Charges For EE Customers EE are joining the likes of Three and Vodafone and scrapping data roaming charges while traveling throughout Europe. EE’s pay monthly customers will be able to take advantage of the service by June 15, while 4GEE are able to take advantage of the offer from May 10, with some countries outside of Europe included. If you have a pay monthly contract with EE, you will now be able to use your data including, 4G, Calls and Text, without any extra charges in the…

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Is the Samsung S8 Any Good?

Samsung S8 Review We’re taking a close look at Samsung’s latest phone, the S8 and S8+. Possibly one of the nicest looking phones on the market at the moment. Although ridiculously expensive compared to the middle of the road models available on a smaller budget. Once you start using the Samsung S8 you can easily see why it has such a high price tag. The 5.8-inch screen is fantastic. The picture is crystal clear and offers great color. Watching movies is an absolute pleasure. The overall feel of the phone…

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5 Best Camera Drone of 2017


What Camera Drone Should I Buy? Over the past several months I have found myself coming up with excuses to purchase a drone. I don’t mean one of those cheap, plastic things you see on market stands. I mean a proper drone. With drone technology coming on leaps and bounds in a short space of time, you can now easily catch beautiful, cinematic footage, on a fairly decent budget. There are many cheap models available and to be honest, they are great fun to use, although you do get what…

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Where Is The Best 4G Coverage In The UK?

Best 4G Coverage In UK Cant live without your daily dose if internet? You’re gonna need decent 4G connection then. A recent report from OpenSignal shows us where to find the best 4G coverage in the UK. A recent survey in the UK shows Middlesbrough top of the list with an average 83% availability followed closely by Sheffield and Sunderland. Surprisingly London only managed to make it to number 16 in the list of top 20. Towards the bottom end of the list are Bournemouth and Poole with only 67%…

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