25 Moog IIIc Synthesizers To Be Made

Moog Remakes Limited Classic Synths Moog announced recently they are remaking one of their classic synthesizer Moog IIIc. This classic modular synthesizer will only be reproduced for a very limited time. Only 25 units are to be made and sold around the world. All units will be created using the same parts where possible and each instrument is hand made. Its been over 50 years since the last Moog IIIc was produced. To find one in decent condition at a reasonable price is rare these days. Each Moog IIIc unit…

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Pioneer DJ Deck Review / Technics Vs Pioneer


Pioneer DJ Turntables Today were looking Turntables. In particular the PLX-500 and the PLX-1000 from Pioneer. Are the Pioneer decks as good as Technics? There is a huge price difference, so how does that effect quality? Before I go any further with this article, I want to say that I personally learned how to mix on Technics 1200s back in the day and I loved them. I honestly regret selling them to a friend for pennies now. Vinyl is making a comeback and many djs are returning back to the…

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