Where Is The Best 4G Coverage In The UK?

Best 4G Coverage In UK

Cant live without your daily dose if internet? You’re gonna need decent 4G connection then. A recent report from OpenSignal shows us where to find the best 4G coverage in the UK.4g

A recent survey in the UK shows Middlesbrough top of the list with an average 83% availability followed closely by Sheffield and Sunderland. Surprisingly London only managed to make it to number 16 in the list of top 20. Towards the bottom end of the list are Bournemouth and Poole with only 67% coverage.

Average 4G Speed Test

The average 4G speed was also tested across 20 cities with Stoke on Trent leading with an average of speed of 26.6Mbps while Brighton and Hove sat at the bottom of the list with 17.6Mbps. Again, the capital of Great Britain sat fairly low in the score according to the report.

The details of the stats come are from a recent Ofcom report which claims that around 28% of UK homes and office buildings receive poor 4G coverage. “The mobile data experience isn’t the same in every city for UK consumers” claims Brendan Gill, the CEO of OpenSignals. “Users found signals more often in Middlesbrough than in Manchester, and faster 4g speeds in Stoke on Trent than in London” Ofcom have now set a target to increase this coverage to up to 98% of UK homes by the end of 2017.

Best Internet Speed Around The World

In an overall speed comparison around the world, the UK comes in at number 28 with an overall average of just 13.70Mbps while sitting at the top of the list is South Korea with 41.34Mbps. Followed by Singapore, Hungary, Australia and Denmark. Although it could be worse, the USA 4G speed only has an average of 12.34Mbps, whiles its neighbor Canada gets and average of 18.31Mbps

In a similar survey showing 3G/4G availability showed that South Korea was top of the list again with 98% coverage. Followed by Japan, Israel, and even Australia managed to get in the top 5 again with over 94% coverage, so if you get lost in the bush, you should be able to connect to google maps at least. The United Kingdom slipped down the list to number 51.



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