Can Kodi Users Really Face 10 Years In Prison?


Kodi Users Face 10 Years In Prison

The open source software is used my thousands of people in the United Kingdom alone to stream movies and TV illegally. But what are the chances of you going to jail for watching the odd movie online? Well, the odds are very slim.

What Is Kodi?Kodi

Kodi is an open source media center software which has many different uses. Originally called XBMC and designed to be an all in one control hub for all your media in your home. It can be installed on most mobile devices, PC/Laptops, and Android media boxes. Over recent years many people have created apps or add-ons which allow you to stream movies and TV for free. The majority of this content is copyright infringement. Which is where things become complicated.

Is Kodi legal?

Yes, the Kodi software its self is legal. In fact, when you install Kodi on any device it will have no add-ons installed for streaming illegal content. People wishing to get access to this content need to then install extra apps. The point where it becomes illegal is when you start accessing copyright content. Many people have now started selling “Fully Loaded Kodi systems” which are usually Android media players with Kodi and the necessary add-ons for stream movies and TV are preinstalled. The people selling these systems and making money from their online business are the ones at risk of jail time.

Will I go to jail for using Kodi?Kodi

Very doubtful. The Intellectual Property Office said in a letter to the Open Rights Group, “It is important to note that the criminal offenses apply to making copyright material available to others, not to those only downloading and watching on their computers.”

“Ten-year sentences would only be applied in the most serious cases”

As it stands already, thousands of homes in the UK alone are running Kodi and streaming content. To try and go after every Kodi user would me impossible. It’s more likely the app developers will be targeted as well as the vendors online. Unfortunately, it is a game of cat and mouse because as quickly as they shut down one site another one takes its place.

Amazon has recently banned the sale of fully loaded boxes on their website and stated anybody found selling or facilitating illegal access to copyright will be banned. Up until recent Amazon have not done much to stop the rising sales of the fully loaded boxes but have since said it would take Immediate action against the selling of these products.

Following Amazon’s lead Ebay have also started to remove fully loaded systems too. Although when we check online it was clear they was not enforcing this very hard.

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