Best Android TV Box Of 2017

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Best Android TV Boxes

These days, a lot people are turning to online streaming services to catch up on their favorite TV series or movie’s. So much so, I massive increase of Android TV boxes are being sold online offering you multiple options for streaming content. Some of this content is considered illegal but you can read more about that here.

Now, if you are looking at this page, we’re going to assume you already know what Android boxes are, and what people use them, for. If you are not quite up to speed with this yet then let us explain a little.

What Are Android TV Boxes?

The Android TV boxes are like small computers, which run Android operating system. Similar to the version of Android found on smartphones. The Android box allows you to install and run apps from the Play-store just like a phone or tablet.

Most of the boxes will have apps like Netflix and YouTube already installed, while others are being sold fully loaded with Kodi and the necessary add-ons to stream everything else.

As the popularity of these Android boxes have grown, the tech has also improved. Many Android boxes no have the ability to play classic arcade games, and playback in full 4K UHD.

Top 5 Android TV Boxes

In this list we have picked out what we think are the best 5 Android boxes.

Please note, none of these are “Fully Loaded” packages. If you wish to install the extra add-on, then you will need to look for them elsewhere and install them manually.

Nvidia Shield TVAndroid TV

Starting off the list with a beast of a machine, NVIDIA Shield TV. Able to stream 4K and play PC quality games. This is an all in one box running Android 7.0

NVIDIA are a well known graphics cards manufacturer with a solid background and reputation for quality. Therefore you can expect the NVIDIA Shield TV unit to be packed full to the brim with power. That is exactly what you get. Able to play 4K HDR videos and enough power to run some of the most graphics hungry games. Built in voice command allows you to search for content. Also comes with a bluetooth game controller and remote control. Not the cheapest option in this list but its a box that has 3GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive and is due to include Google Assistant. Which could then allow you to control any smart technology in your home including heating and lighting from your NVIDIA Shield TV box.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice RemoteAndroid TV

Amazons Firestick has been popular choice for many due to it price, ease of use and size. Comes loaded with Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video and much more right out the box. The latest Fire TV Stick model includes Amazons Alexa Voice Remote command, allowing you to search for content and control your TV. Over 7000 apps and games available in the store. For such a small unit it still manages to pack 8GB of storage and has 1GM of memory. It lacks the power found in the NVIDIA so down expect to play many games with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. But if you are just looking for something to stream your media, then its a good choice for the price.

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Amazon Fire TV with 4k UHDAndroid TV

The Amazon Fire TV is the next step up from the Fire TV Stick. Able to stream in 4K Ultra HD, and a graphics processor able to handle games.

Comes preloaded with Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer just like the Fire TV Stick. Its a bit more expensive than the ‘Stick but has a lot more power under the hood. Also include Alexa Voice Remote, so you are able to search for content hands free. A decent mid range Android box suitable for streaming and playing games.

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Minix Neo U1

This Minix Neo U1 package comes with dual sided remote control with QWERT keyboard. The U1 is equipped with Quad-core CortexA53 processor, 2GB RAM, and 16GB built in storage. 7.1 channel HD audio pass/through, 4K Ultra HD streaming. Android operating system which makes adding Kodi a breeze. All in all a good little box for under £100.

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X4 Android TV Box

This is by far the cheapest Kodi box on the list. Packed with 2GHz Quad-core processor. Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Supports 4K Ultra HD and comes with Netflix , BBC iPlayer and many other apps pre-installed. For less than £40 this box packs a lot in.

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