25 Moog IIIc Synthesizers To Be Made

Moog Remakes Limited Classic Synths

Moog announced recently they are remaking one of their classic synthesizer Moog IIIc. This classic modular synthesizer will only be reproduced for a very limited time. Only 25 units are to be made and sold around the world. All units will be created using the same parts where possible and each instrument is hand made.

Its been over 50 years since the last Moog IIIc was produced. To find one in decent condition at a reasonable price is rare these days.

Each Moog IIIc unit consists of 36 modules which are put together by hand, including the 905-Spring Reverb, 984-Matrix Mixer and 10, 901-series audio oscillators. All of this is cased securely in a solid walnut cabin.

Classic Moog Synth SoundMoog IIIc

The remake of the classic synth has all the characteristics of the previous, older models. Right down to the imperfections caused by the build which in turn gives its unique sound. Using all the original documentation and circuit board schematics, the Moog IIIc are built from scratch, by hand, in the Moog factory in Ashville NC, USA.

Trying to get hold of one of these bad boys will be tough too. Moog are only planning on recreating 25 units and each will have a price tag of £35,000. So to get your hands on one of these classic synths, get your self over to www.moogmusic.com quick.

Here is a list of all the Moog IIIc modules:

1x 901 Voltage Controlled Oscillator

3x 901A Oscillator Controllers

9x 901B Oscillators

3x 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers

1x 903A Random Signal Generator

1x 904A Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter

1x 904B Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter

1x 904C Filter Coupler

1x 905 Reverberation Unit

3x 911 Envelope Generators

1x 911A Dual Trigger Delay

1x 912 Envelope Follower

1x 914 Extended Range Fixed Filter Bank

1x 984 Four Channel Mixer

1x 992 Control Voltage/Attenuator Panel

1x 993 Trigger & Envelope Voltages Panel

4x Console Panel No. 3, each including:

– 4-input mixer with + and – outputs

– 2 Trunklines

– Control Voltage Switches

– Attenuator

– Click Filter

1x Console Panel No. 2 including:

– Lowpass and Highpass Filters

– Jack Multiples

– 3 Control Voltage and Trigger Outputs

1x Console Panel No. 8 including

– Power Switch

1x 350 Watt 120 VAC or 230 VAC Switch Selectable Power Supply


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