Pioneer DJ Deck Review / Technics Vs Pioneer


Pioneer DJ Turntables

Today were looking Turntables. In particular the PLX-500 and the PLX-1000 from Pioneer.

Are the Pioneer decks as good as Technics? There is a huge price difference, so how does that effect quality?

Before I go any further with this article, I want to say that I personally learned how to mix on Technics 1200s back in the day and I loved them. I honestly regret selling them to a friend for pennies now.

Vinyl is making a comeback and many djs are returning back to the wheels of steel. With the huge price tag on the latest Technics decks, pioneer has filled a gap in the market. This will allow anyone who still uses, or wants to start using vinyl the chance to get hold of a set of affordable, industry standard decks.


First up is the PLX-1000. This model was released back in 2014. Its also the most expensive, which we found here for just under £620 each. This direct drive turntable has a classic 1210’s look and feel. The PLX-1000 has slightly more torque then the Technics models had, due to a slightly more powerful motor. The difference is barley noticeable. They claim the sound quality should be much better as they have now included removable gold RCA and earth cables. Which is a pleasant change, as before if any cables broke you needed to get it repaired. Now you can just change the cable. Another notable difference in the Pioneer decks is the dampening functionality. The PLX-1000 and PLX-500 both come with rubberised tone arm which improves insulation and reduces feedback. One more little feature I like is the 4 gram weight which screws on to hold the needle in place. So no more need for the old penny trick.


The PLX500 is the smaller brother of the PLX-1000. The main differences between the model is the lack of tempo control found in the PLX-1000 model. The PLX-1000 allows tempo contol of +8 +16 and +50. The R$CA cables are fixed, unlike the PLX-1000 which are removable. The PLX-500 is lighter than its big brother, which is probably down to less dampening built in to the unit.

That being said, this cheaper model looks and feels as good. It has the same high build quality you expect from Pioneer. It looks more like the older Technics Mk2 models, but has round play/stop buttons and blue lights instead of red.

The Pioneer PLX-500 is also available in White.

Check It Out Here


With Technics Mk5’s costing over £1700 and the older Mk2 models still costing £1500…EACH!! I would honestly say go for a Pioneer set up. There is nothing you can do on Technics you can not do on either of these Pioneer decks. Save the extra money spent on Technics and invest in a new mixer or even some new monitors.

Here is a great bundle you can get for less or the same amount of money you would spend on Technics decks alone.

Bundle 1


2 Channel Mixer




Bundle 2


4 Channel Mixer

Bigger Speakers



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