Top Five Dj Controller Under £200

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Dj Controlle

Top Five Dj Midi Mixer Under £200

Today were looking for the best Dj controller for under £200. In this list we have the best mixers for djs on a budget. Although not maybe the latest tech available, we have carefully considered many factors from build quality, sound quality and extra features like FX and triggers.

If you are new to laptop djing, then you will need a midi controller. Which basically tells your laptop what to control, and reacts exactly the same way as any other dj mixer. There are a few things to consider when picking a new mixer to make sure it is suitable for your needs. For example most high quality Dj controllers have built in sound cards, and some of the older and cheaper gear may require an external sound card to send the audio from your laptop out to the main sound system or amp.

Most of these mixers can be used with software such as Traktor, Virtual Dj ect right out the box, but others may need to be configured (Mapped) to receive and send signals to the software and control different parameters. There are several websites and videos online with custom mappings designed for pretty much every DJ software. Usually a quick google search of the name of your controller and the name of your software will point you in the right direction.


1. M-Audio X-Session Pro M-Audio X-Session Pro

The cheapest option on this list. First released in 2010 the M-Audio X-Session Pro

is a simple, no frills 4 channel mixer which would suit a beginner. It has all the basic features you need to start playing music but lacks extra features like FX. Also missing in a build in sound card, so you will need to consider this before purchasing. The build quality is not the best, it feels a bit cheap compared to the higher end mixers. That said M-Audio have a good reputation for doing decent equipment on the lower end of the budget. You can pick them up new and used for between £30 to £50

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2. Numark Mixtrack Pro 3Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Priced between £169 and £199 the Numark Mixtrack 3 is an all in one dj controller with a built in sound card designed for Serato, and comes with a free copy of Serato Dj Intro. Numark have made some good quality budget Dj mixers in the past and the Mixtrack Pro 3 packed with some really cool features for such a cheap midi controller. Some of the main features of the Mixtrack Pro 3 is its multifunction touch strip which allows you to control FX and searching through tracks. Dedicated channel filters. 16 Multifunction performance pads and a set of fabulous platers which are just about good enough to scratch with.

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3. Gemini Slate 4Gemini Slate 4

The very first mixer I ever owned was a Gemini, and that is going back over 15 years now.Its great to see them still making good quality equipment at affordable prices. The Gemini Slate 4 is a 4 channel dj controller packed with some great features including. Built in sound card, 3 band EQ and dedicated filter on each channel, 16 multi-functional RGB pads, and plenty more. It also comes with a free copy of Serato DJ Intro. One of main features is its super slim build, making it perfect for taking on the road with you, or just mixing choons at your mates party. The Gemini Slate 4 comes with the same features found on most the higher priced mixers, at nearly a third of the price currently £179

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4. Behringer CMD STUDIO 4A DJ ControllerBehringer CMD STUDIO 4A DJ Controller

Behringer have a reputation for making good quality mixers packed full of features usually only found in high end equipment. The CMD Studio 4A is no exception. 4 channel mixer, with Built-in sound card, 6” plater which is great for scratching. The mixer comes with its own Dj software but there are mappings available online which will allow you to control all your favourite DJ software.

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Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Dj Controlle5. Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Dj Controller

Sitting slightly above our £200 price bracket is Pioneer’s DDJ-SB2. A 2 channel mixer with built in sound card. Large jog wheels which are fantastic for scratching and 8 trigger pads, Designed for Serato, but plenty of custom mappings available for your favourite Dj software. As you would expect from Pioneer this mixer has a great build quality. Definitely worth spending the extra few quid .

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