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Virtual Laser Keyboard Projectors

Check out this wicked virtual Laser keyboard. Project a virtual keyboard and mouse on to any desktop surface and type away as if you was in some Sci-fi movie. This wicked gadget allows you to link via USB or Bluetooth to any Smartphone or Tablet and will project a full qwerty keyboard and charge your mobile devices at the same time. It’s ideal for traveling on the train and sending emails from your phone.

Lazer Frickin Beams

The Laser Keyboard gives feedback when you type on the keys by clicking which is a nice touch. The volume and Laser Keyboardbrightness can be adjusted too. It takes a little time to get used to typing on it and the mouse function can be a bit fiddly. That being said, it is a step in the right direction.

All the magic comes from a small unit which makes it very good for stuffing in a rucksack or bag while traveling. The build quality is good, and it doesn’t feel like cheap plastic. The virtual keyboard will also work on PC’s too. I can imagine the laser keyboards could come in handy for homes or businesses with limited space.

The battery life will vary depending on if you are using the built-in mobile charger at the same time. On average you can expect between 2-3 hours of continued use until you need to recharge. If you are charging your iPhone at the same time, it’s going to cut that by half.

The response of the virtual keyboard is still a little laggy, so for a speedy typist, it may become frustrating. For most normal people this won’t be too much of an issue. I found it picked up most of what I typed. For occasional use these little gadgets are great. If I had to live with it full time I think I would lose patience with it very quickly.

I really hope they develop this technology further. The possibility of using this tech in different situations could be interesting. Having a keyboard projector built into your smartphone could be a possibility now. The same technology could be used in other places too. Almost any situation where you need to use a keypad could use this tech.

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